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Alan - W0ARM <W0ARM.mail@...>

WOW, Lee!  How disappointing to read all of this.

I, myself, found your changes, to bring the SATERN net into "modern times", quite good.  It is very unfortunate that, with all of your education, experience and [great] leadership of this Net, they (TSA management) would just simply wipe us, and you, all away.  Ms. Heaver has single-handedly destroyed any credibility for the TSA mission (at least with respect to the 20m Net operations), and has certainly alienated nearly all of the 20m Net participants.

Although I'm not greatly involved in the day-to-day 20m net operations, I do keep abreast of overall disaster developments, and do read your postings here on   I also do check-in [with the 20m net] whenever I am able.  I'm sure with your guidance and leadership, this Net will continue despite TSA's pull-out of support.

Please keep us up to date to what's next.

Godspeed my friend, and all the best.

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