Re: We made the ARRL News...

Jim James (KG5BIM)

I am sorry to hear all the BS you have been going through Lee. I think I might have a solution to this mess let the NC continue for this week just two more days. Monday we will hold the frequency of 14.265 and we can change the name to a ARES 20 meter emergency net. Ares is already recognized by the Red Cross and of course the ARRL along with Fema and others. It is strange to me that the SA abandoned our net and just left us in limbo and now want it back. I worked countless hours on several major hurricanes and never once heard anyone from the SA on the air and giving us any assistance. I remember we tried to get the SA headquarters to open up a call center for Hurricane Maria so they could call the family members with one of their counselors. That was shot down so we had to make calls ourselves. So all is not lost Lee you are doing a great job and we can go in another direction. I know why they did this to you I listened to the net when I got home Wednesday morning on 14.325 it lasted about 30 minutes with very few stations checking in. So Lee I think the whole group will be with you are whoever to get this resolved for good. Let me know what you think Lee. Thank you again Jim KG5BIM

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