Re: What is going on...

W0ARM - Alan <W0ARM.mail@...>

Wow Lee, so disheartening to see this happen, especially in light of all you have given. But totally understandable given the circumstances.

Having served on a number of mission groups/teams, doing actual, on-the-ground disaster relief work (in New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy; Houston, Hurricane Harvey, California, Paradise fire; etc.), and I know how occasionally there are those who want to be the "controllers", and it often (always?) leads to somewhat diminished enthusiasm by those who are there just to do the work.  I admire your moxie, and for really trying to keep the group together as you did.  But, in the famous words of Harry Callahan: "A man's got to know his limitations", and when it's time to just move on...

Please keep my info, if you're ever in need of anything, I'll be there (to the extent I can, anyway!).  And of course, I'll stay subscribed to this "" group to stay informed.

73, and all the best to you and your family,

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