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Robert Ewes - K9HOU


I understand why you separated from TSA.

I think that they became aware of the nation attention that you obtained for what became of Satern20M Net without TSA.  Just call it “The Satern 20Meters Net". 

You were the foundation of what the SATERN 20M net became.  We still need your leadership.  We have a tropical storm building in the gulf today.  Most likely not going to be a major storm.  The person that is calling for help, it is a major problem.  You were building multiple means of communicating.  We could become a major center point modern messaging of emergence communications. 

We can continue and build a staff that will put forward training.  Such as

formal message traffic and not just weather reports.  Being a relay station.  Being a net controller.  Proper entries in Net Logger, witch you have a fine video of.

Use of the Hamshack Hotline bridge and equipment acquisition of equipment.

Most of this could be on air, as we could never get all to meet at one place face to face.


Please come back and show those daughters that you know what you are doing!  Dump their emails in to SPAM!




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