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Jim Spoerl (NG1Y)

Lee, I wasn’t surprised to get your “pulling the plug” mail.  I knew it might just be a short time and it was.  Unfortunately, for us newcomers, this has been so disappointing, to say the least.  

One big issue ongoing is that you have been greatly harmed in your reputation by all of this.  Since none of us have access to most of the comms between you and the TSA, we get only your side of the story.  And it is grim indeed.  That they could be so vitriolic and condemning and threatening shocks me greatly.  All my associations with TSA folks had been so positive until so recently.  But yours were quite otherwise it is clear.  Well, that will it seems end now with your withdrawal.

I do not want to loose connection with you though.  I will give you a call on the Hotline which I presume will continue working.  It will be several weeks though do to vacation coming up tomorrow and some other matters that need to be addressed.

I must say though that as a Christian I can say that the behavior you have reported of others who name the name of Christ is abhorrent.  I cannot really apologize for them, but I can say that in Christ we are not at all in our hearts like so many who have mistreated you seem to be.  The words and actions come from the heart and Christians (if they really are “Christians” after all) should at least manifest Christ’s love for sinners and not what they have manifested toward you.

We are all sinners and descendants of Adam and Eve.  But redemption is available if only one would by faith receive it.  So, in short, being a Christian is a matter of the heart and not a matter of living a certain kind of life.  The TSA often down through the years seemed to me to be putting the emphasis on the living part and not on the being part and also tended to be quite judgmental towards others of different persuasions.  I have not become a TSA member for that reason and also due to some differences with their official “statement of faith”.

Well, enough of this.  Let’s talk when we can.  Again, I am so saddened at what has happened.  Your great work over these months is so commendable and was so very needed.  May your EMCOMMS work continue unabated and be a blessing to many.

Every blessing, Lee, 


Jim Spoerl


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"If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory." Paul's letter to the Colossians 3:1-4
On Jun 17, 2021, 11:19 AM -0400, WA5LEE - Lee - Net Manager via <leemanpa@...>, wrote:

For those of you who were wondering what is going on, I sent this last night:

OK Folks... I have had enough of this..
As much as I had hoped that the ARRL article would put the SATERN vs. SATERN issue to rest, sadly, this has not been the case.
I am, once again, getting hate mail, threats, damnation for me AND my Family & Friends.
Major this, Sargent that, Corporal, this... All telling me I and my entire sphere of existence are rebels, heathens and are going straight to Hell for what I have done to the Salvation Army.
All I tried to do is preserve Major Pat's Legacy and strive to make a happy home for the many people who counted on the daily SATERN net for comfort and succor, while still upholding the mission of helping out the Public in times of need.
While many of you, especially the NCS team and Ned, Kirk, etc. have been wholeheartedly supportive of this effort, the time has come for me to pull the plug.
The 'new' Salvation Army SATERN net on 14.325 is recognized by the ARRL as a viable and endorsed Net. Bill, WB5ALM and Weather Bob, WX8BOB and his group have decided to restart the Net using all the ideas I proposed in the beginning, yet met with resistance from TSA. I am not a Christian. I never signed up to be a Missionary for Christ or TSA. I just accepted an offer to manage an emergency service net.
I dedicated 20+ hours each week to being Net Manager and was met with nothing but resistance and criticism from the Army and their minions. I spent my own hard-earned funds to setup websites and the email reflector, all in the hopes of improving and expanding the capabilities of our Net, with no expectation of recompense or praise, and all it has done is bring a shitstorm of criticism and scorn upon me and my loved ones, as well as wreaked havoc upon my reputation in Ham Radio and my 40 year legacy of experience helping others selflessly. (Wahhhhhh)
I know I sound like a crybaby. I am from NY and have a tough skin. I have zero tolerance for BS and Politics and believe wholeheartedly that EVERYONE deserves a fair shake when it comes to disasters. I have done my best, honestly, to achieve that for SATERN.
I thought we had put the past behind us and were moving in a new and positive direction. We have been working on a new Web presence as well as MOU's with served agencies such as SHARES, Red Cross, ARES, etc. where we could make a REAL difference as Radio Amateurs in crisis situations.
But this ARRL article, while being a fair representation of what happened, does not fully give credence to the facts and those folks out there who choose to drink the TSA cool-aid without knowing the whole story and history have, once again, chosen to dedicate themselves to denigrating and insulting me and the rest of us for 'destroying' the SATERN net and 'the way it is supposed to be'.
I am very much involved in EMCOMM, both in the Amateur as well as the Professional world. The Pro's consider TSA and SATERN to be a joke. Never to be called upon. A bunch of old Men possessed of self-importance thinking they know it all and wanting to take over. Old-School Hams are deluding themselves in this era of infrastructure redundancy, Digital Comms, and new and emerging technology, and sad as it is to say, once they die out, with their mindset of 'we don't need any of this new crap, all we need is our CW', there will be ZERO young guns to take over, since the existing cadre has driven them away and turned them off. I see this every day in ARES and my local Club.
If I have learned anything in the last 2 years, it is that life is WAYYYY too short and the Glory of our existence can be wiped out at a moments notice. If TSA wishes to rule the roost and be the BMOC (Big Man On Campus), spreading the Gospel through Ham Radio, so be it. They can have it.
I, for one, have many other 'based in reality' secular organizations to devote my time and effort to, without having to deal with daily threats to my Family and myself.
As of Tomorrow, 6/17/2021, I am officially shutting down my involvement with SATERN. I am sorry we could not do more for all of you, but as the victims of the Spanish Inquisition realized, you just can't compete with religious zealots.
I want to thank Ned, KL7QK, Kirk N5XJB, Harry W0HMS, Warren, WX8OH and Bob, WA5EEZ, as well as the MANY relays and Friends who have selflessly given of themselves to this net.
Special thanks to Ken Standard, AG6SV for his dedication to SATERN S. Terr & Digi 20m, as well as his continued support & guidance.
Sorry, guys. I love you all, I just cannot do this anymore and suffer this abuse from people who are supposedly in the service of Our Lord.
I wish you and yours all my best, from myself and Nicole. May God Bless you all and hope you all stay in touch. (those of you who aren't haters, anyway) HIHI

PS: The NetLogger database will continue to be hosted on my servers in perpetuity, should it be needed. The e-mail reflector will continue until the subscription expires next year.

Oh, and, not to be petty, but a special note to 'Major Bob, KA0VZP'- F.-U.. You are an uninformed, hateful Ass. You should be ashamed of yourself. You want to quote scripture to ME, let me quote some to YOU: "Judge NOT, lest ye be judged" Threaten me and mine with damnation??? How DARE you, you POS.


'73 (Best Wishes, for non-Hams)

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WA5LEE (Previously KC3LEE)

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