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Same sag in Churches with Music or other things. 

Also I was Disaster Planning and Drilling at 2 Corps here.  22 yrs. 

The whole mindset in this small city is. Why do that. It will never happen here. Did finally with help of Fed Auditors get a 15KW Generator at the Community Bank. Wanted a 30KW.   I was right, 15KW Barely could maintain Server Room, Teller Line PC’s and a few lights. No AC But for portable in Server room. We Dreaded any power loss Especially Extended ones which we had. 

What happened in TX proved what I’ve always said about Generac installing Nat Gas Generators. If the Grid goes Down ( Never happen), there will be No Nat gas flowing underground. No power, no pumps, no flow. 

I’m getting my own LP Tank out back to run a 16KW. Sized for 5-7 Days run time before refueling. Longer if not too big of tank. 

We were out for Hurricane Ike up here 3-4 days. For 7+ Days for the 2012 Derecho. 

Change is hard. Same thing was said Pre Katrina. Governments though they didn’t need Hams anymore. Katrina changed that (for awhile). 

This Grid event will bring (some) changes. All about Control, top down. That Limits what Should be done. 

Warren - WX8OH

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Hi Lee,


This reminds me when Hurricane Floyd hit NC. I became a tech sometime in 1999. I called NC Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief and asked if they needed any ham radio operators.  The response was , “No we have cell phones”.


It all changed in September 1999 when Hurricane Floyd decimated Eastern NC.





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I made ever argument that they were capable of comprehending. What I got back was: 'Uhh, what is DMR?"
Sorry for venting. It is just very frustrating that they asked me to take a position to 'modernize' SATERN. Everything I try to do to that end gets vetoed, scrutinized, questioned, viewed suspiciously, etc...
'Why do we need this, we have never done this before, why now'? seems to be a common train of thought.
When the day comes when all the 'old school' SATERN people who have been around for 30 years are no longer with us, and the SATERN net ceases to exist due to attrition, then it will be too late.
Perhaps that is what they wish to happen. Who knows?

WA5LEE - Lee

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