WA5EEZ-Bob <bobrgrs@...>

Looks like a great tool!

Scott Brown <dtb2greenville@...>

Hello, Everyone 

Groups io is a great venue for a group such as this. Since there is a potential for 350 members some group organization here is necessary.  It does seem as if there are subgroups that may be of individual interest to the the members. 

I do know you can set up polls in groups io so that may be a way to create subgroups of similar interest. If we have some groups that form that group leader can then solicit biographies from their members. Just my thoughts. Good Luck to Lee in this enormous undertaking! 

I hope to become an active member helping where I am able to contribute.  

KN4SMO Scott Brown Greenville, SC

K8RDG <k8rdg@...>

I agree with Bob. This looks good. Thanks for setting this up.

Alan - W0ARM <Calico5string@...>

Hello SATERN members, and particularly, Lee (WA5LEE),

Thank you for setting up this SATERN forum.  I have been using for a few years now (for equipment-related forums), and have found it to be a great resource, and it should make communication to (and between) the members much more streamlined.

Although I am not as active in the SATERN nets as I would like to be (or should be), I am nonetheless glad to be a part of the group. I'm hoping to be able to get on the nets more often in 2021.

73's to all; Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!