On behalf of Ken Gilliland AG6SV


Hello to all SATERN Members

As some of you have heard, I am resigning as the SATERN International 20m SSB Net Manager as of 2020 December 15. Thanks for all your cooperation over the years. I wasn't able to accomplish all I wanted to, or should have, but I did try.

The New SATERN International 20m SSB Net Manager is

Lee Glassman
Tomball, Texas
E-mail: satern@...

Lee has a lot of experience & I expect him to do a great job. Please give Lee all your support.

My E-mail client is down, so please DO NOT reply to this E-mail. I have had to ask Lee to send out this notice, since I can't. Because of my ongoing problems with AT&T, I am also shutting down my AT&T e-mail account.

Good luck & God Bless you & your families
Ken G, AG6SV