Thanksgiving Broadcast


To: SATERN Members, Volunteers, Net Control Stations and Relay Stations

From: Lee Glassman, WA5LEE on behalf of the SATERN EDS Leadership and Management

Re: A missive on Thanksgiving 2020…

Dated Thursday, November 26th 2020

This has been a year that will live in the history books as unprecedented in the modern era. 

A record-breaking Hurricane/Tropical Storm season. Wildfires across the Western States and elsewhere. Tornadoes, Massive Flooding events, and other weather-related catastrophes. Not to mention a Global Pandemic that has caused us to completely reassess our way of life, combined with a major economic downturn. Thousands of Americans out of work, suffering financial hardship, along with sociopolitical divisiveness that has virtually ripped this nation in two and set Citizen against Citizen.

In the face of these events, as we celebrate this day of Thanksgiving (even this traditional gathering of family and friends has been irrevocably altered), one may find it difficult to be thankful for that which we have received in the past year.

I, personally, must consider myself lucky despite these events. My family and I are healthy. Although we have lost Dear Friends as well as Associates this year, I find incredible solace in the enduring spirit of the volunteerism that I have seen displayed by the Ham Radio/Disaster Services that I have encountered through the many groups I am associated with: The Red Cross, ARES, Hospital/Public Health workers, MARS, local social clubs and especially The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network.

SATERN was barely a blip on my radar 2 years ago. I knew about the Bell Ringers, the Toys for Tots program, the Thrift Stores but never realized the extent of what the Salvation Army really did on both a domestic, as well as a global, scale. Upon relocating to Texas from Pennsylvania in 2019, I was finally able to set up a radio/antenna system on my property unencumbered by HOA restrictions and participate in Traffic Handling & EMCOMM work on a much larger scale. My Elmer from PA, WA2CCN (Hank Grilk) recommended me to Ken Gilliland as a possible SATERN Net Control station due to my background as a Dispatcher and Emergency Operations worker. Soon I was installed as the Thursday regular NCS on the 20M net, and after some time I was extremely honored to be asked if I would be interested in becoming the Net Manager upon the retirement of Ken on December 15th of this year..

In the past year I have spoken with many of you who check in to the net regularly, whether on the Radio, through email, Zoom meetings, and in-person and I must say I have never encountered a finer group of dedicated, caring individuals in all my years in Ham radio. Without the Net Control stations, Relays, and stations ready to assist in an activation at the drop of a hat we could not do what we do. You all selflessly give your free time, day and night to keep the lines of communication going. To be prepared, if called upon, to provide a lifeline between those that need to reach out to loved ones during a crisis and be ‘the voice on the other end of the line’ to anyone who needs help.

THAT, my friends, is something to be thankful for.

It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to work alongside all of you, and I very much look forward to carrying forth Ken’s legacy of excellence, dedication and devotion to the cause of SATERN. I personally wish Ken the best of luck in all his endeavors and am extremely grateful to him for all he has done for our team. His are some mighty big shoes to fill and I will do my utmost to make him proud.

In closing, on behalf of the ‘Upper Echelons’ of the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services, I want to wish all of you and yours a most Blessed Thanksgiving and Joyous Holiday Season. Despite the hardships that this year has brought upon many, as the saying goes: ’And this too shall pass’… We will make it through to the other side of this, together, as a Family. Thank you again for all that you do!

Most sincerely yours,

Lee Glassman, WA5LEE

On behalf of:

  • Michelle Belles            TSA National Disaster Director

  • Maj. Michelle Heaver (K8EDS)    Divisional Disaster Services Secretary/SATERN Liaison to NHQ

  • William Feist (WB8BZH)        Southern Territory Coordinator & ALM Coordinator (WB5ALM)

  • Maj. Tom Dingman (K2QMU)    Eastern Territory Coordinator

  • Robert Langsfeld (WB9TZC)    Central Territory Coordinator

  • Ian Anderson (KO2IAN)        Western Territory Coordinator

  • Ken Gilliland (AG6SV)        20m Int’l SSB Net Manager

  • Ken Standard (AD5XJ)        40m SSB & 20m Digital Net Manager   

  • All the other SATERN Divisional Coordinators

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Harry N3FMO <hbauderrm@...>

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