Welcome to the new SATERN 20m net Group!


"We shalt not spam or share".. Your info will always remain safe & secure, and we will never spam you with unnecessary emails. We hate them, too.

We ask that you please change your display name for this group to either FIRSTNAME - CALLSIGN or CALLSIGN - FIRSTNAME so that we can keep better track of who you are. We could do it FOR you, but that would take all the fun out of it...
As this is a new group, there will be a transition period during which most functions in this group will be disabled, and there will be limited message posting allowed, so as to not overload any of you with unwanted INBOX messages. As things progress, we will add more information to the group and more features, depending on how much interest this group gets. We ask that all NET CONTROL & RELAY participants set INDIVIDUAL MESSAGE preference so that you get any important messages immediately, rather than as a daily digest.

We will also send out a copy of the Digital Thanksgiving Message tomorrow for those who were not able to participate digitally!

Again, welcome to satern20@groups.io and have a Blessed Holiday!